Review: Tom Toal - Mediocre Boy at Just the Tonic at Marlin's Wynd

Tom Toal is really likeable. All throughout his stand up show he radiates warmth; a pleasant person, someone you’d enjoy a drink with and all in all a down to earth man. He also, perhaps quite unusually for comedy, radiates sensitivity which is ultimately what makes his show ‘Mediocre Boy’ an absolute gem.

Suffering from a creative slump, being prone to feelings of self-doubt and contemplating one’s place in the world are the inspirations behind his show. These potentially weighty subjects risk taking the audience down the gloomiest of rabbit holes. However, he approaches them with lashings of light and laughter. The venue may be gloomy, but Tom’s incandescent joviality is a breath of fresh air. Much of the show’s content is based around family life and his five year old daughter Elsa. Do not let the ‘fluffinesses’ of family matters put you off; Tom is a naturally skilful storyteller and smatters his stories with quick wit and tinges of dark humour. The show gifts the audience with a few, hearty belly laughs delivers plenty of humour that will make your heart smile (as cheesy as that seems, it’s true). Tom has the refreshing ability to infuse relatable self depreciation with an upbeat attitude in the least nauseating way.

Tom’s show is a hit you should not miss. Free fringe is undeniably an unnerving labyrinth of ‘hits’ and ‘misses’ but don’t be a snob, hop down to Marlin’ Wynd (the venue) and leave a humoured, happy bunny.

Tom Toal in Mediocre Boy, Just the Tonic at Marlin’s Wynd, Aug 8-25 (not 12), 1.25pm

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