Review: Travis Jay: Funny, Petty, Cool @ Just the Tonic at The Mash House

Travis Jay bounds through the aisle to the stage, electric with energy and charisma as he begins the show. From there, laughter bounced across the room as Jay told one hilarious anecdote to the next in swift rhythm.

The hour-long comedy set glosses over toxic masculinity and race to plane crashes and sex dolls. Most of the jokes were met with laughter, however, there were a couple that seemed to fall a little short. Jay was able to also pull off some pretty impeccable impressions that added a bit of flair to his material. 

The show is aptly named Funny, Petty, Cool; three adjectives that perfectly encapsulate Travis Jay’s extremely likeable and hilarious persona. While the show does dip into the realm of society’s perception of black men, Jay doesn’t venture too far in. The show perhaps could have benefitted from a more focussed narrative to drive the message deeper. Probably not the most hilarious show this year’s Fringe has to offer, but entertaining, to say the least.

Travis Jay: Funny, Petty, Cool @ Just the Tonic at the Mash House August 10-25 (Not 12, 16), 2:35 PM

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