Review: Witch Hunt at Pleasance Dome

Abigail Dooley and Emma Edward explore gender politics with wit and, more often than not, a dash of audacity – all in good taste, of course. Playing with folktale narratives, Witch Hunt attempts to deconstruct patriarchal values. The show is a collage of several short segments. Their themes are taken from the well-known world of fairytales, myths and witchcraft – with a twist.

Hansel and Gretel decide to go separate ways, when the story’s wicked witch no longer seems all that appealing… The big bad wolf turns out to be a jerk, but still manages to have his confidence raised to a questionable level when laughing at his own cheesy jokes. Does this ring a bell, ladies?

The witches in this ‘One Woman Show’ dance with the devil to funky beats. The show is fueled by an attitude that overcomes the often hackneyed way that femininity is expressed through art, television and social media.

At times, it might have gotten a little too political. However, the vivacity of this hilarious performance by Dooley and Edward doesn’t leave much space for an audience to mind. These ladies, more than manage to prove that you can be ‘an old witch’ and keep it cool. All fueled by dirty jokes, grotesque imagery and harsh satire – you have been warned.

Witch Hunt at Pleasance Dome, 8-26 Aug (not 11th), 5.30pm

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