Review: The Sensemaker at Zoo Playground

“Hello, all of our operators are currently busy, please wait” And as a jangly version of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy puts the caller on hold, that’s what Elsa Couvreur does. She passes the intervening time by lip-synching to the automated messages, adding in hand and arm gestures like some kind of impromptu semaphore.

Waiting, however, turns into something that’s insidiously Kafka-esque: when the disembodied voice starts giving Couvreur various tasks, she complies – even when the instructions veer away from clapping in response to questions and into more prurient, humiliating commands.

What started out as a whimsical, funny solo about interacting with faceless technologies morphs into a darkly troubling vision of a computerised bureaucracy where we are just numbers being crunched in the machines.

The Sensemaker, Zoo Playground, 2-26 Aug, 3.15pm

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