For Now We See Through a Mirror Darkly at Greenside, Nicolson Square

Do you like philosophy, religion, dance or calling your eyes jelly balls? Yes to one or all, then you’ll love this quirky piece. 

The audience enter and pass the three protagonists on stage in position. Anticipation fills the room. Saying nothing, their movements change on a loop. They are impresively unfaltering; their experience and training are clear.  They wear all black with reversed pentagrams and other symbols sewn on in white. They carry white squares of material with symbols sewn on in black. It’s all very striking. 

The performance begins and a descriptive voice-over narrates the journey through four phases of life and death, made purposefully to include visually impaired audiences. The audience let out a few dispersed laughs of disbelief at the abstract, visually enticing world. It’s an exciting and thought-provoking journey. 

“For now we see through a mirror darkly” is a suitable title for this piece. From Apostle Paul, it refers to the limited human impression of the divine. The phrase is perhaps better known from Bergman’s film Through a Glass Darkly, that meditates on madness. The piece contains traces of each, flipping what we think we know upside down. 

You’ll watch this with your jelly balls stretched wide in mesmerised wonder. Or if you didn’t know what you were coming to see… perhaps you’ll watch this with your eyes stretched wide in discomfort at the weirdness…

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