Review: Taiwan Season: Monster, Dua Shin Te Production at Dancebase

First and foremost, if you don’t enjoy dry ice this isn’t the show for you. 

Monster promises a lot. A search for the monster within each of us it, attempts to reveal the paradoxes at the heart of searching for an ever-moving centre. Yen-Cheng Liu’s stage design and soundscape certainly set the tone for a psychedelic journey into the modern soul and the intricate use of a mirrored disco ball is definitely the highlight of the show. 

We spend the opening ten minutes of the show watching stage technicians painstakingly assemble an array of Orwellian objects (no doubt hampered by the dense fog) only for them to be moved again before the performance really begins. 

A loud burst of Gloria Gaynor, an indistinct voice on a loudspeaker and a scrolling L.E.D text display begun simultaneously and I almost immediately had the impression I had missed something, and, unfortunately, I spent the rest of the show trying to catch up. Despite moments of intense beauty and the undoubted creativity of Liu’s hip-hop infused ballet, the narrative of the performance fails to develop a sense of cohesion. 

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