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Review: Out at Summerhall (Old Lab)

Review: Out at Summerhall (Old Lab)

In all the years I have attended the Fringe, never have I been warned about the loudness of a show, before it’s begun; yet soon this warning makes perfect sense.

As soon as the doors open, the infectious roar of Bashment Jamaican music fills the space. Rachael Young and Marikiscrycrycry dance to the dancehall beats as the audience take their seats. Their movements are relaxed and joyful, and it seems there is no stopping their twerking and elation.  However, soon their bodies tense and their movements become precise and mechanical, the ambience drops, and the audience lean in so as to not miss a beat. 

We witness a wordless, beautiful, engaging and powerful conversation between bodies about; the challenges behind being a person of colour and a member of the LGBTQA+ community, about challenging homophobia and transphobia and about freedom of love and speech.

Out challenges gender conformity and normativity, through raw and pure physical expression. The two performers bare it all on stage, and take us on a demanding emotional, intense and stimulating journey, elegantly highlighted by oranges.

From the moment the oranges appear there is a small change in pace and atmosphere. Silence ensues and we begin to heal together, through our senses.

We have heard hatred through the audio chosen, seen suffering in the physicality and now, we smell the poignant intensity of it all. After a while the lucky few get to touch the soft vulnerability of the fruit once the hard exterior has been peeled away, and finally, as one we taste the alighted bittersweet relief leading to a fathomless end.

Everything about this show has been cleverly thought out, the lighting, sound, movement, even the hidden meaning of healing behind the oranges make this performance a full sensory experience, that you ought not to miss. 

Out, Summer Hall (Old Lab), 13th – 25th August (Not 19th), 3:45pm