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Review: Learning from the Future at Dancebase

Review: Learning from the Future at Dancebase

A woman or a cyborg. Or, a woman and a cyborg. What are the limits and possibilities of each condition? Learning from the future starts with a naked woman and a statement: “I was a body”. These words remain with us for the rest of the performance. To be is to be a human, but what does it mean? We watch a female cyborg discovering herself through the movements of her body almost as a machine.  Starting in a floating manner, she vibrates and waves. She flows around the space with the repetition of actions. Learning needs time and patience, and as an audience, we watch this unhurried process. 

Science fiction is the genre of this performance, but in this proposal,  Colette Sadler reduces it to its minimal expression, which is the question about our first and more vital experience of being and having a body. All the devices and gadgets movies or literature presented to us are ways of highlight and reveal this problem. Here, dance, lighting and music are enough to create an illusion of going to the future and coming back. In this trip, some things remain, and others change. How much humanity is in a cyborg? How much machinery is in a human being? 

 Learning from the Future by Colette Sadler, Dance Base, August 20-24, 6:15 PM