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Review: Symbiosis at GreenHouse, Dynamic Earth

Review: Symbiosis at GreenHouse, Dynamic Earth

Symbiosis is a beautiful solo piece with impressive contemporary dance. You’ll experience passion, frustration and relief through the expression of this dancer. 

It tells the story of a life so far. With an overarching theme of how existence, being “dependent on our environment”, makes the environment an essential part of our physical and mental healing. 

The performance is an interaction between the venue and the dancer as well as the natural world beyond. At the end, she explains her participation in the venues creation and its meaning to her. The wind creaked and blew around the GreenHouse as the natural grass floor flicked and stuck to our solo performer. 

Having danced from a young age, our protagonist was precise yet raw, emotion spilled from her limbs and in the heat of the venue, she battled with the elements of her past. 

She desperately reaches for the answer and cowers from the truth, then freely floats when the new truth she finds is the one that makes the others feel bearable. 

The only purpose-built zero waste fringe venue is worth a visit but also a combination of the sound system and wind meant that the poetry component was difficult to hear. This did not take away from the intimacy of the performance though meant the story was slightly more open to interpretation. 

Symbiosis is at GreenHouse, Dynamic Earth 2.45pm until the 25th