Review: Un Poyo Roco at Dance Base

Un Poyo Roco sees Argentinian dancers Luciano Rosso and Alfonso Barón in a locker room. They are in competitive spirits, dancing for one another and fighting, first as play then as dance and then for real. 

The whole show bristles with energy. Sat still on the stage their bodies can’t help but betray the incredible ways that they are able to move. They ripple like liquid rubber, able to transform into whatever creature they wish to become. So we get the fluttering of feathers as they imitate a strutting ostrich. Some highly convincing bullfighting and some highly impressive vogueing. 

After these high energy dances, performed in silence, a fag break ensues, where a live radio is tuned. In this instance, this somewhat changed the mood as Boris Johnston was talking about preparations for rationing post Brexit. One of the men turns the dial, the other is trying to dance, but as soon as he starts to get into a song he is frustrated. This lasts for perhaps a touch too long, but as the next part of the show unfolds, this frustration is maybe all part of it. 

The sexual tension between the two dancers has been growing throughout the show. They have danced against each other and in perfectly synched movements, but not together. Here this begins. A kind of Tango of resistance and yielding. An old school seduction, but free of the gender dynamics that might make this feel difficult with a man and woman. It’s hot. Un Poyo Roco roughly translates as red rooster, and here we see a celebration of the bravado, camaraderie and beauty of relationships between men all without a word being spoken. The very best kind of locker room chat.

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