Review: The Chosen at DanceBase

How does one live life, when having acknowledged the harsh reality of death? Company Chordelia approaches the matter through a dazzling contemporary dance piece, capturing the intimidating power of such a problem.

 The struggle against the knowledge of death is artfully dramatized and well-balanced in a show that flows organically – oscillating elegantly between moments of glory and dreadful falls. Technically, The Chosen experiments with time, space, materiality and identity. Through juxtaposing love, friendship and hardship with death, their importance – and beauty – is magnified.

 However, the sense of uncertainty never seems to fully escape the ambience of the performance, serving as a sincere reminder it represents, in fact, a never-ending battle. The conceptual dimension of the performance is, without doubt, not only universal, but also classic, in the sense that it has been abundantly theorized and discussed, in so many different ways, serving as inspiration for literature and the arts for centuries.

 The fact that the concept of the show is eternal does not, in any way subtract from its ability to approach the subject with a fresh gaze. In no case can the performance be labelled as hackneyed, as it uniquely appeals to our times.

 Apart from the powerful messages that the performance communicates, the show is also visually and acoustically pleasing. The fluctuation of several distinct images and sounds has the ability of keeping its audience captivated.

The Chosen, Dancebase, 2-25 Aug, 5pm

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