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Words Kate Copstick

20 years since you won So You Think You’re Funny. Do you feel old? Or just ‘mature’ like a fine Stilton?

I’m definitely bigger but I’m not sure I’m maturing. I think of myself more like those individually-wrapped plastic cheese slices that, even if global warming does its worst, will survive and continue to provide minimal nourishment to the few people who remain.

You were a trailblazer for whimsy in Edinburgh. Now we’re up to our nipples in it, do you regret opening the door?

When I started, there was The Boosh and Ross Noble and Stewart Lee, and then my lot coming through were Conchords and Kitson and Josie Long. But before us there had been Python and Shakespeare and Chaucer, so don’t go round blaming me for flights of fancy.

You also find time to be a prolific author. What’s the lure of writing for kids?

I was writing before I started doing stand-up. I used to work in a residential childrens’ home – kids in care – so I’d write stuff for them.

Anything you are particularly looking forward to? Do you still get a buzz out of August?

Yeah! It’s my favourite month. I love everything about it – buying a bike on the first day, giving it away on the last night. I’m excited to do my new show and to see tons of others. Rosie Jones, Tom Parry, Snort from New Zealand – Josie Long is back for the first time in five years. That will be a real event.


Assembly George Square

7.30pm, 31 Jul–26 Aug (not 13), from £10

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