It’s the return of the kings (and queens) of Edinburgh as we welcome our favourites back for another year

Words Kate Copstick  

Is there anything you haven’t won at the Adelaide Fringe?

My parents’ approval.

You have said you are a “gentleman in make-up”… so what makes drag ‘drag’?

How I define myself to a member of the Metropolitan Police Force at 3am while on crown land, trying to allegedly “roast a swan,” is entirely my business. That being said, drag is both makeup and more than just make-up. It’s not so much a genre as it is a pathway to exploring all genres.

You have also said that drag is not a choice … can you explain that?

You do drag because you have to. Because the rage and fire have to be channeled or it’ll burst through your chest.

Nothing like being told you’re shameful and undeserving of life and love for centuries to keep those coals burning bright.

Do you feel comfortable with drag being regarded as more and more mainstream?

You can’t deny homosexuality has begun to lose its subculture status, its exclusivity. And yes, drag was once “our thing” and now we have teenage girls in Wyoming shouting, “YAAAS QUEEN” but you know what? if it’s a choice between being accepted too much and being hunted, then I know which side I’m picking. Drag will never lose its beauty, its glitter or its menace. Have you seen that footage of those drag queens beating up that homophobe in Sydney?

What do you look forward to whenever you return to Edinburgh in August?

The staggering number of muscular circus performers with very low standards.


Assembly Checkpoint

9.30 pm, 31 Jul– 25 Aug (not 7, 21), from £9

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