Festival Favourites

Words Kate Copstick

Was Gingzilla always there inside, waiting to make her entrance with her usual flair?

Girl, she’s been inside me all my life, ready to bask in the spotlight. It’s only now that she has been allowed the space to fully be embraced by the planet. The world can be a dark, lonely place, and that’s why Gingzilla exists: to bring people experiences of outrageous joy and vulnerability.

You have been on both America’s Got Talent and X Factor … is that because Simon is in love with you? 

You want the goss? They were loving every inch of me honey.  I was getting seared by their stares.

That’s quite the vocal range you have there… 
My range has doubled since performing in drag. As a male performer I was limited by very rigid gender stereotypes, but now I’m free to soar or scream, growl or seduce and make whatever sounds come out. I don’t hold back, bitches.

Are you sometimes still Ben on stage?
I have been given a gift: the liberty of not giving an F! I don’t need to conform to gender roles or societal norms, I can be a blob of creativity living in the moment. Gingzilla is Ben’s fully evolved Pokémon. And it might be the flair of Gingzilla, but it’s the humanity of Ben that makes it special.

What brings you back to Edinburgh? 

The cobbles must be a nightmare in heels! 

I don’t know how, but I can skip, jump and twirl down those blasted cobbles in 7” heels without breaking a sweat. Edinburgh is magic. Thats why I’m back and will continue coming  back. I’m hooked.


Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre – Main Theatre

11.30 pm, 2-3, 8-10, 15-18, 22-24 Aug, from £10

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