Festival Favourites

What’s your show about?

It’s about us being invited to Malta to do a show. We thought were going to have a free holiday, talk to some expats, bash out a quick performance and head home sun-kissed. But we discovered that Malta is the centre of the migrant crisis, that Malta (along with a few other EU countries) is selling European citizenship, that journalists are being murdered for speaking out about such things, that our new expat chums pretty much all voted Leave. The show explores what it is to be European, what it means to fight for European citizenship, why some people are denied it, how some people can purchase it. There is also a dog in our new show.

Were you ever scared in Malta?

We were scared that we’d never get to eat. We made friends with an art crowd who seemed to have a small brunch, start drinking, and then never stop drinking for the rest of the day, without any other meals or snacks. The first time we went to Malta we were there for a week. It got to the Sunday and we were feverishly asking each other, ‘Do we get to eat now? Is this the day we get to eat?’

Your shows are often based around adventures. Have you ever been on a trip where nothing happened?

We haven’t been on a trip where nothing happened, no. We’ve had the opposite experience though; we go somewhere expecting a quiet break, do some work, perhaps we are on tour, and shit just. keeps. happening. 

Best Edinburgh moment? 

Possibly Cafe Royal seafood platter. So much garlic butter. It’s glorious.


Summerhall – Main Hall

8.05pm, 31 Jul–25 Aug (not 1, 12, 19) from £5

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