Festival Favourite

Words Kate Copstick

Are you buzzing about winning the Scottish Comedy Awards?

Totally delighted, I was up against some hugely talented people so to scoop those two awards was massive. The fact that it’s your peers and promoters on the circuit who vote for the awards means a lot.

Your tickets famously sell out in minutes at The Glasgow Comedy Festival. Do you enjoy performing there more?

I love Glasgow; Glaswegians are great people and great audiences. I’ve been lucky to have earned a large part of my comedy schooling there. It’s probably my favourite city as a performer. Compared to Edinburgh it’s a different world, though. Every weekend Edinburgh has a truly international audience in its clubs and of course at the Fringe, it’s global.

Do you feel that comedy saved you?

Comedy gave me a sense of being good at something, and I suppose that instant validation you get from an audience is something I got hooked on from my very first gigs.

Do you think you use it as therapy? 

Oh probably! I tell stories, I talk about my life so I think there’s definitely a therapy aspect. Probably the good old Catholic guilt mixed with this cathartic unburdening of yourself like in confession, but you don’t need to say a Hail Mary after. Although sometimes you might say one before certain gigs.

What’s your show about this year?

It’s about life-changing moments and picking up the pieces. I’m looking at the expectations people have of us and how much we are defined by our gender, our family and friends’ opinions and what they deem to be failure. I do examine why I don’t live up to the ideals my mother has for me and discuss my experiences as a woman in a few different walks of life. The result is definitely not what people expect when they come in to the show. Changing perspectives whilst having a laugh, I’m basically on a crusade!


Assembly George Square – The Box

8 pm, 31 Jul – 25 Aug (not 12) from £6

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