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Sammy J and Randy: The inheritance

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Fresh from hosting the 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival TV Gala, Australia's favourite comedy duo return to Edinburgh with their newest production, The Inheritance.

It takes a certain artistry to turn puppetry and musical theatre  into comedy gold. Fortunately, this multi award-winning Australian duo are more than up to the challenge. Inspired comedic timing and perfect scripting make this a must see show for anyone looking for a good chortle.

Refreshingly amateur in its production, The Inheritance tells the story of Randy (think Elmo but with a decent helping of smut and mischief) and Sammy’s journey to England where they end up in felt-face manor, a haunted house bequeathed to the purple puppet. 

Kicking off with the hilarious when the census comes to town, ensured Sammy and his purple faced friend had the crowd in stitches from the get go, and the ensuing blend of brilliant puppetry, refined humour, crude one-liners and smutty innuendo was a perfect comic recipe.

Sharp scripting aside, the duo have obvious stage chemistry and technical difficulties midway through the show only enhanced the performance, giving Sammy J and Heath McIvor a chance to show off their considerable rapport with some inspired improvisation. 

A perfect blend of Punch and Judy, Tim Minchin and Flight of the Concords, this show is a shining addition to Sammy J’s expanding repertoire and with such broad appeal it is difficult not to recommend it to anyone… Though perhaps not younger audiences. 

Sammy J and Randy: The Inheritance
Underbelly, Bristo Square
3-27 August (not 13), 18:05
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