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David Baddiel: Fame - Not The Musical

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In his first Edinburgh show for sixteen years, Baddiel chose the subject of celebrity and fame, outlining a selection of true stories surrounding both himself and his (often more famous) friends. 

There's a lot of charming name dropping: Russell Brand, Richard Curtis, Madonna. He talks of the way Twitter allows the masses to contact celebrities, offering the audience hilarious Power Point examples of Twitter 'trolling'. 

Baddiel talks candidly about what it's like to to be aware that you're not as famous as you used to be - whilst simultaneously demonstrating that's he's still just as talented as ever before. 

Charming and self-deprecating, even when talking about his own levels of celebrity, Baddiel performs an impressive feat. He doesn't have the urgent 'fizz' of desperate energy that many comedians thrust at the audience - but the result of that is an enjoyable and amusing evening with a genuinely nice, funny man. His anecdotes are wonderfully place, and include being Jewish, being mistaken for Ben Elton and looking like Daniel Radcliffe's homeless uncle. 

As Baddiel says himself, what most people want to know from celebrities is actually, 'What's it like being famous?' The audience won't come away with an answer to that question, but they will leave having experienced a number of enormous, guffawing belly laughs. 

David Baddiel: Fame - Not the Musical, George Square Theatre, 7.30pm


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