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Anne Edmonds: My Banjos Name is Steven

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Anne Edmonds, accompanied by keyboard, starts off the show with a musical number mocking the size of the venue, the time of the show, and the size of the audience. Rightly so; this woman needs a bigger venue at prime time during the fringe because she is fantastic. Her fringe debut is full of brash Australian energy that doesn’t waver and she has every single person in stitches by the middle of the show so that, even though the numbers are few, the atmosphere in the room is big enough to compensate.

She covers a range of topics from battling with DVD addiction to the art of pooing in public places, with both anecdotal style humour that left me with tears in the corner of my eyes and upbeat songs that were not only performed with immense talent, but left the whole audience grinning and nodding. Her caricature-esque depiction of people she has met throughout her life is pitched perfectly, creating clear images with single, well-timed sentences and body language. Even the performance of her self-proclaimed ‘failed earlier material’ goes down with appreciative laughter and repetition is used as a tool rather than a crutch to great effect.

On the whole this show is absolutely hilarious and Anne Edmonds is definitely one to watch. Hopefully next year she’ll be in a large venue attracting huge crowds because at the moment she is immensely overlooked. There are only a few days left in the Fringe, so I implore you to go and start at least one of your days with this show.

Anne Edmonds: My Banjos Name is Steven
Underbelly Bristo Square
Until 27th August: 12.10

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