altPandemic outbreak is certainly not a new subject for film and it would be difficult for a director to bring something new to this theme. To be honest, Phase 7 doesn’t bring anything unique in terms of plot ideas, but nonetheless is a superbly acted and gripping film.

The action opens with Coco (Daniel Hendler) and Pipi (Jazmin Stuart) as a typical couple seemingly oblivious to the panic that starts around them as they argue mildly about mundane issues. As realisation sets in, and terror grips their quarantined building, the race for survival and the need to protect his 7-month pregnant wife kicks in for Coco who, led by his neighbour Horacio (a paranoid and excellent turn by Yayo Guridi) sets about eliminating the main threat, which actually turns out to be the crazy neighbours rather than the pandemic itself. Coco finds himself forced into choosing sides and even facing the possibility of killing.

As the building descends into mayhem, the viewer really pities Coco. He is not only fighting for his life, but he is also almost constantly getting it in the neck from his nagging wife whenever he actually gets a chance to go home – usually covered in blood! 

This film sets out to shock both in terms of the speed at which good people turn evil when their life is threatened but also in terms of graphic death scenes – the first of which was a bit of a shocker!  I’m not sure if it was intended, but some of the murders are actually quite funny – dramatic music, ‘cut to face’ death shots reminiscent of 80’s horror movies, and I’d like to think that director Nicolas Goldbart was being deliberately tongue-in-cheek at these points.

It is a well-acted film with a good script but I could not help but be irritated by Pipi’s constant attacks on Coco – at one point she even deliberately scratches a battle-wound on his face which is a fairly unbelievable and inhuman action for a couple in love and expecting a baby – more so, because he is obviously dealing with some major issues outside their flat. Hidden star of the cast for me was Federico Luppi, who plays a calm, emotionless killer with worrying ease.

One final point – the subtitles are sometimes more confusing than helpful – I would encourage the distributors to look again at the translation, as there are quite a few errors.

Cameo 1, 16 June 10pm, 17 June 5.45pm

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