altWhen three students set off to film their investigation of some curious bear killings, they get a lot more than they bargained for. In a very Blair Witch-esque mock doc, Kalle, Thomas and Johana are curious about the oddness of Hans, suspected bear killer, and eventually follow him into the Norweigan woods late night to discover his occupation as a troll hunter.

Yes, that’s right.

Hans hunts three-headed, hideously smelly, cave-dwelling trolls who destroy everything in their path and can live well over the age of 1,000 unless exposed to Hans’ handy UV ray machetes. No one is unscathed in this sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrifying journey that will have you firmly placed on the edge of your, possibly, pee-soaked seat.

Cameo 1, 22 June 10.15pm, 24 June 10.10pm

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