Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

Charlie Baker

What are you bringing to the Festival this year? This year I am bringing my debut play Wedding Band, which is a comedy and has the most brilliant cast. It’s based on my experiences as a singer with a jazz band and set the hour before the reception starts.

What are you expecting from this year’s Festival? It’s the hardest, best, maddest, most worthwhile, drunkest, most exciting, most exhausting, most exhilarating month of the year.

What’s your best and worst Festival memory? The best was the feeling when I sold out 100 seats for my solo show. The worst feeling was when I realised they had all seen me do my best bits of the show that morning so they weren’t going to laugh. I also had the only three press I’d had in for the whole run to watch me die in a packed, hot room.

Wedding Band: A Comedy by Charlie Baker,
Gilded Balloon Teviot,
3-29 August, 14.45pm,
From £7.50, Tel: 0131 622 6552