Brotherly Love is part of the Free Fringe, and there is no point harping on about what it isn’t or what it lacks. It simply is what it is: two men and one woman acting out a play about a husband and wife preparing for a dinner party with their barrister friends, when the cleaned-up-junkie younger brother pitches up to make amends. 

The characters are clichés. The action unfolds by referencing the class riots of the eighties, Kafka, Camus and Duran Duran.

It’s all about being of the generation that has a colleague and his wife over for dinner. Yes, women are treated as very supplementary; that’s the really annoying bit. The female character is constantly looking to the men for approval. In the end, she’s told to go and find someone who’ll take care of her – and she agrees. Maybe I’m missing the irony, but I wasn’t convinced. 

Go and see it if you’re looking for something free before dinner or if you get nostalgic in the office about when you were a punk. Or if you want a break from all the online poker.

Brotherly Love, Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 4-28 Aug (not 17), 5pm, Free

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