altIt’s hard to know what to expect from Scandinavian a cappella group Fork. I’m certainly expecting a decent performance given the busy venue, not to mention the good things I’ve heard. My initial confusion comes from the music blaring out as the group bursts onstage – if you were expecting unaccompanied harmonies think again: there’s a backing track playing throughout. Secondly, I wonder how seriously this group really takes itself. ‘Sit back’, whispers the blonde male vocalist, grinning. ‘ We are professionals!’

All the same, churning out all the anthemic classics (from Coldplay to a somewhat cringeworthy Katy Perry tribute), Fork will certainly have you clapping and laughing along. There’s no denying as a group there is strong vocal talent here, but alongside its members’ camp clothing and slightly dodgy (not to mention at times lengthy) anecdotes between songs, you’re left to question, is this all actually an ironic joke?

A Fringe must see? Great, if you enjoy those sing-along screenings at the cinema; if you don’t, it’s probably one to avoid (expect stand-up dancing from enthusiastic types). It’s all, however, a little too hands-on for me, with audience participation vital. Think New Age ABBA arrangements with a dodgy light show.

Pink Noise by Fork, Assembly, 3-28 August, 6:05pm

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