altAn eight-piece brass ensemble straight from Louisiana bring their own savory brand of New Orleans jazz to the Spiegeltent tonight with the mission to ‘blow the roof off this tent.’ What seems to be the whitest audience they have probably ever performed to happily consents to stand up, put its hands up and ‘get ready to party.’ 

Splashed with more than a smidgen of soul, funk and blues, the Rebels also add a lot of hip hop to their songs including ‘Don’t Stop (the Groove)’ and a far superior version of ‘I’ve Got the Power,’ and the crowd, despite their whiteness in both colour and dance, can’t help but get down.

It’s a refreshing display of talented, passionate guys who are obviously not at all rebellions of soul and it’s touching that they return their favouritism to the fans by announcing their new album will be released in Britain first, ahead of the States, because ‘y’all love us the most in the UK.’

Aww, thanks y’all.

The Soul Rebels Brass Band
Fri 22 July 2011 10pm

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