altWhat are you expecting from this year’s Festival? I’m over the moon about coming to the festival this year, because I’m finally coming for the entire month and not just to work! I’ve rented a house with my husband, Neil Gaiman (who’s going to be taking part in the Book Festival) and I plan on drowning myself in music and theatre. It’s my idea of paradise.

Come the 17th, I’ll be doing five shows with my secret twin sister, Jason Webley, presenting our musical Evelyn Evelyn. Then I’ll be doing a no-holds-barred rock show on the 25th at the Picture House, one of my favourite venues. By the time I get to that show I expect I’ll have picked up a glorious riff-raff of performers to join me, and the show should be quite a circus.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? My Scottish grandmother used to always tell me: “All things in moderation, including moderation”. Words to live by … thanks grandma!

Evelyn Evelyn,
Assembly George Square,
17-21 August, 9.10pm,
From £12, Tel: 0131 623 3030
Amanda F*cking Palmer,
HMV Picture House,
25 August, 7pm, From £14

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