Blowing bubbles masquerading as snow, listening to the soft melody of a guitar flowing through the background, and listening to the poetry blooming out of the characters mouths. This is Goodbye Sun and Bear, a beautifully whimsical piece put on by The Bare Project that brings a little extra sunlight into this year’s Fringe.

Luka is a child of the circus pondering the fact of things—and the fact is that his bear, Alpa, has gone. Setting off on a journey of lighthearted determination, Luka befriends Slip and Ida, a warm comedic pair of the same mind, and the Doctors, whose greatest wish is to bring Soleil, the sun, back to winter, to bring warmth and joy back to a cold, grey world. This delightfully ragtag bunch roam the mountainside, in reality a series of white wooden boxes moved around a remarkably small space. At the same time, Luka’s parents face their own cold thoughts searching for their sun and Grizzly, Alpa’s trainer, makes a choice in the name of love. I can only praise the soft poetics of the piece and the colorful use of space.

The audience is given bubbles before the start of the play and is instructed to blow them into the stage area, as they represent the snows of winter. The Bare Project has embodied something so cold and isolating in a form meant to be lighthearted and fun; this just shows the tempered duality of the one-hour play and their determination to inject a little Soleil into Goodbye Sun and Bear— a feat well-accomplished. This piece will delight children and adults alike with its tender melodies, emphatic monologues, and all-around warm-hearted performance. Memories after will be sure to bring a gentle smile to your face and a ray of sun to your heart.

Goodbye Sun and Bear
C nova
31 July – 17 Aug

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