Gilded Balloon Teviot
5-31 August (ex. 18) 17.30

A TeamDumdumdum deedeedum… yes the cult 80’s show the A-Team has finally been resurrected in musical form and it is playing at the Gilded Balloon Teviot this Fringe.

Sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit, the crack commando unit of Hannibal, BA, Face, and Murdock are back with vengeance and ready to fight against the forces of evil for the sake of a distressed damsel and her exotic monkey selling store.

Yes the plot is ludicrous, as are the mullets, giant wigs and attempts at singing (only the leading lady can really hold a tune), but it is done in such a light-hearted way that you cannot help but enjoy yourself and laugh as a cardboard helicopter “flies” across the stage.

The characterizations too are hilarious: Hannibal has to be the authority and will beat down any usurpers a la “stop taking my lines you presumptuous vixen!” BA likewise with his facial foliage, stony gaze and deep voice is easily identifiable. The best send up has to be Murdock: cap-clad he is joined by his imaginary dog Billy, who later meets a fateful end (well, as we know no one ever actually dies but…) when hilariously gunned down in a pistols at dawn episode by the evil Action Jackson and his two mullet adorned sons.

Expect makeshift props and plenty of silliness.

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