Review: Alex Edelman: Just for Us at Pleasance Courtyard

It’s hard to make being a victim of anti-Semitism funny, but in Just for Us, Alex Edelman does a fantastic job. He tells us about his time on the less friendly side of Twitter and describes an undercover stint at a weirdly well catered neo-Nazi meeting, doing a good job of exploring a section of society completely at odds with himself. 

Covering his family and his time at yeshiva school, complete with a few silly jokes and dramatic expressions, the hour offers up a truly interesting account of how it is to be Jewish in an age where the alt-right is on the rise. The material occasionally sidetracks off into tangents, but as a whole Edelman performs like a true professional, keeping the audience on side with tight, well-timed jokes and punchlines so sharp they’ll have you laughing so loud you disrupt the show next door.

Alex Edelman: Just for Us, Pleasance Courtyard, 1-26 Aug, 8pm

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