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Words Claire Smith

So what’s your show about?

I always get to the point, usually about two months before the Fringe of thinking:  ‘What am I going to talk about?’ and then I go:  ‘It’s OK.  The world is still stupid.”

 Is anything off limits?

You can talk about anything in person, or with a group of people. If people have come to see you there’s a certain amount of trust already there. But I have given up speaking my mind on Twitter.  Almost all of supposed ‘online debate’ is just wilful misunderstanding.

Are Fringe audiences special?

Certainly the size of it. There’s no arts festival that comes close anywhere in the world. And only in Scotland and perhaps only in Edinburgh do you get audiences deliberately trying to see something shit.

As well as your stand-up show All Talk, you’ll be doing a play.

Yes it’s called Julius ‘Call me Caesar’ Caesar.  It’s a Belfast Julius Caesar done by the company who did Kafka for Kids. I play all the parts.  It’s like a one-man Ben Hur. 

Does political comedy influence politics?

All my shows are about fifty-fifty politics and personal observation. It is fun to be the butt of the joke.  If you spend an hour taking the piss out of everyone else, there’s no lightness of being. The point of being a jester is not to be powerful – it’s to give everyone the hedonistic bliss of a laugh.

Do you see a lot in Edinburgh?

Usually I catch up in the last few days. I’ll be bringing the whole family up to Edinburgh. It’s one of the reasons I keep doing the Fringe. They all love it. Having them all there makes me feel like I’ve won at parenting.  I’ve done my job.


Underbelly, George Square – Udderbelly,
31 Jul–25 Aug (not 12), from £7.50

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