Zoo Southside
7-31 August, 20.30

Anomie‘Anomie’ refers to a feeling of isolation or anxiety, resulting from a lack of social regulation or shared values.

Precarious’ production presents anomie as a near-ubiquitous aspect of modern living, cultivated by a lack of moral guidelines, information-overload and insufficient engagement with the real world.

Six individuals, supposedly a cross-section of modern society, are literally living on top of one another yet are completely disconnected, attempting to deal with loss of their sense of meaning and purpose in different ways.
A promising premise, but one which is not explored fully – how does each cope? Why do they deal with things so differently? Focus on too many individual stories precludes real depth; in particular, character depiction relies largely on a preliminary voiceover, so full of information that most of what is said is lost on the audience.

Visual innovations are commendable; for example, upper sections of the performers are often seen through digital screens, hugely effective in depicting the unconnected, aimless, digitalised headspace of each. However, there is so much going on in terms of props, dialogue and effects that this prevents the incorporation of more eye-catching choreography. Indeed, the performers appear to struggle to keep up with the constant disparate demands of the production.

Restructuring the narrative would deliver a more edifying and effective performance which lives up to the promise of its premise; however this production remains fresh, thought-provoking and therefore definitely worth seeing.

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