Assembly Hall, 7-29 August (ex. 17) 18.00


Introduced as a ‘genetic experiment gone horribly well” and “a man with hands like a tarantula” (huh?), Forcione confesses that he usually plays selfishly but this time translates the soundtrack of his childhood into his funky, signature tap and slap guitar stylings.

Classic covers like the Beatles’ Yesterday and Come Together, Stevie Wonder’s Superstitious and I Wish, and Marvin Gaye’s I Heard it Through the Grapevine (Motown 50th anniversary tribute) intertwine with Forcione originals in an imaginative, masterfully executed set that sufficiently satisfies casual music lovers and guitar enthusiasts alike. The crowd even gets an unnoticeably unpracticed rendition of Billie Jean in tribute to its late great creator, all proving that it’s an hour totally worth that fiver.


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