We chat to Award Winner Gandini Juggling ahead of their performance at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Tell us about your show:

8 Songs tries to conjure the inner spirit of 8 rock and roll songs. Sexual attraction, devious pleasures and lost love.

What has been your weirdest Fringe moment?

During a performance of Smashed, I mistook the Times critic for an old friend and started hitting him with a rolled up newspaper… surprisingly, we got a good review.

What would be your number one tip for newcomers?

To trust one’s ideas and know that in the tunnel of show there will be moments of self doubt. Also nobody other than stand-ups and flashy circus makers makes any money!

What’s the best and worst thing about the festival?

Edinburgh is a city with history. We love it. The ghosts of the past hover in its alleyways. An ocean of humanity comes to see shows. This brings the best – and very rarely the worst – out in both our performer and our audience alter egos.

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