We chat to Award Winner Anya Anastasia ahead of their performance at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Tell us about your show

The Executioners is a refreshed-every-minute contemporary cabaret show holding a mirror up to the modern world (or rather, taking a selfie with it). My character is a 6 foot tall, smartphone-wielding futuristic vision in white spandex and stacked heels with a serious tech addiction. She hits on socially relevant hot topics like they’re Tinder profiles, and asks hard, insightful questions despite being a narcissistic idiot. Needless to say, she is an immensely fun character to play, especially as she is backed by a supremely more insightful (and far less obnoxious) off-sider played by inscrutable musical maestro Gareth Chin. But not so inscrutable that I couldn’t convince him to take part in a mid-show fight scene.

What has been your weirdest Fringe moment?

I was crammed into the cleaners cupboard at a venue holding a blue light above me as a friend painted a skeleton on my naked body with UV paint. Outside, a pair of oblivious audience members discussed what can best be described as ‘an unfortunate sewerage issue’ in their backyard in graphic detail. Faintly retching at the picturesque description (not to mention, the very real odour of a nearby stagnating mop bucket) my friend looked up at me “Anya”, she whispered as she applied another coat to my tibia, “I think this has taken our friendship to a whole new level”.

What would be your number one tip for newcomers?

B is for box of vegetables. Buy one at the start of Fringe. It will be your daily reminder to occasionally consume something that isn’t one of the other Fringe food B’s – beige, battered and beer.

What’s the best and worst thing about the festival?

Best – My fashion choices make sense. You can wear a headdress made of mannequin hands and 15 iPhones and nobody bats an eyelid.
Worst – Trying to find place to charge 15 iPhones at once.

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