We chat to Award Winner Rob Kemp ahead of their performance at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Tell us about your show?

I have two shows this year. I am doing The Elvis Dead again, and I have a new one called Wheel of Shows.

The Elvis Dead is the horror movie Evil Dead 2 retold through the songs of Elvis Presley. It’s essentially a concert, and some of the most fun I have ever had on stage. Even if those two things don’t appeal to you (sacrilege!), I am confident you’ll still have a good time.

Wheel of Shows is the ‘how do I follow such unexpected success’ show. It is kind of about anxiety and indecisiveness. The starting conceit is that I have a wheel with a number of show ideas on it. I’ll spin the wheel and perform whichever idea it lands on. It’s a different kind of show (not remotely as much singing), but hopefully the disparate parts will hang together in a coherent way.

What has been your weirdest Fringe moment?

Last year was full of weird moments, particularly due to some of the people who came to see my show. I know I should be cool and blase about this, but getting applause from comedians I admire was a bit mind-blowing. Saying that, one year, I saw a crowd of people applauding a dog hunched over doing a walk/poop manoeuvre on Bristo Square, so the value of applause is relative (they gave it three stars).

What would be your number one tip for newcomers?

New acts? Erm, that stupid idea of yours? Run with it! Trust your instincts, and remember to have fun. Oh, and if you perform like you’re fed up with your stuff, the audience will see it.

New festival attendees? Take a chance on a show you don’t know, a free show, or a different artistic medium. There’s some amazing, creative stuff out there. Try pizza crunch (but only once), and try haggis too!

What’s the best and worst thing about the festival?

Best? Getting to hang out with your peers for a month. We’re solo journeymen* the rest of the year, so a chance to see everyone is great.

Worst? Endless jostling, flyerers and flyering. Seeing your face trodden on and smushed into papier mache.

*Yeah, I see you, sketch groups, stop looking so smug.

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