The Spaces @ Royal College of Surgeons
7-22 August (ex. 9,16) 11.05

Beauty and the Beast‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a performance of a modified version of the traditional story. It is aimed predominantly at children. The story is told by Jack Crow who plays all the characters and narrates from a small stage very close to the audience whom he addresses directly.

The intimate setting of the performance would be an asset, however, the performer’s attempts to get the children in the audience to interact with the performance were largely stunted and unsuccessful, producing a somewhat awkward atmosphere.

While there is comic potential in both the story and the one-man cast, attempts at humour are somewhat limp and gain a minimal response from the audience. What is interesting about the performance is that it gives an insight into the appeal of oral storytelling as the performer used gentle repetition to build up the story and develop the characters. However, the charming quality of the genre can merely be glimpsed and requires some polishing. The format itself was reminiscent of the street theatre which you would find on the Royal Mile where you would find larger audience, more successful humour and greater audience participation for less money.

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