Bromance is a unique and fresh blend of physical theatre, dance and circus. The show is beautifully choreographed and performed with sheer power and a lot of heart.

The charismatic trio captivate the audience with their gravity defying flips and nail biting stunts, aptly exploring the boundaries of platonic male friendship through their impressive acrobatics and adding a smart humorous touch.

The high energy and ardent performance scrutinises the concept of traditional masculinity and the limits of risk with a series of technically challenging and physically demanding stunts.

These intense, heart stopping moments are complimented by the impressive solo performances each member undertakes. They are not only displays of amazing physical talent, but also of sincere and honest friendship in its most vulnerable moment.

Words: Katie McKenzie

Bromance, Circus Hub – The Beauty, 9-29 August (not 12, 17, 24), 6.25pm

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