These ladies have assets and they ain’t afraid to jiggle them for your entertainment. A huge hit at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, ‘Busting Out’ comes to the festival ready to celebrate all things boob. From the original producer of the Vagina Monologues this a fun mix of song, dance, stand-up and hilarious puppetry of the breast.

From the beginning of the show the audience get involved and the mixture of women of all ages, hen parties and even unsuspecting men are laughing and enjoying themselves. Aussie duo Emma Powell and Bev Killick have multi-talents, not least their ability to make their breasts become anything from Abba to Batman. Their shadow show is frighteningly funny. Less successful is their ill-advised rap, with its message about mammograms, although you have to give the girls credit for raising awareness of more serious issues. It is to their credit that a percentage of the ticket sales, alongside audience donations, will go to breast cancer charities. The stand up routialtnes cover all the usual female subjects such as g-strings and menopause, getting the obvious laughs that this festival crowd are looking for. Towards the end of the show the audience takes to the stage to get involved in the frivolities, and watching a man attempt to put on a bra never fails to be funny.

This is an entertaining and liberating show for women, and men, with boobs of all sizes.

Assembly Rooms @ George St, 5-29 Aug (not 16), 6.50pm

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