You’ll find charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent in abundance amongst the stars of this year’s drag and cabaret extravaganzas…


Jonny Woo’s All Star Brexit Cabaret

Brexit gets glamorous with the Jonny Woo treatment. Join the drag diva and his gang of superstars, from Olivier Award-winning composer Richard Thomas to comedy queen Jayde Adams, for a cabaret spectacular that really makes politics pop.

Assembly George Square Gardens, 2-27 Aug (13, 20), 6pm, from £14

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The Miss Behave Game Show

The only show at the Fringe where phones are encouraged, iconic cabaret nightmare team Miss Behave and Tiffany are collapsing all the rules and all the barriers in a celebration of chaos and anarchy, complete with a splash of camp.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 8-18 Aug, 10.30pm, from £12.50

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The queen of the night is back with a drag double-bill, taking glamour into the wee hours. Join the 7ft Glamonster for a cinematic extravaganza, then follow her into the witching hour for Late Night Lip Service.

Glamonster vs the World  – Assembly George Square Theatre, 1-26 August (8, 14, 21), 8pm, from £10;

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Late Night Lip Service – Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre, 3-5, 10-11, 17-18, 24-25 August, 12am, from £10

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Sven Ratzke: Homme Fatale

Homme Fatale brings the drama to a man’s world. The most devastatingly theatrical, iconic, and fabulous of performers from Bowie to Reed are given the cabaret treatment in signature Sven style, complete with custom costumes by Thierry Mugler.

Assembly Hall, 14-26 August (not 20), 6pm, from £13

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Yummy knows drag isn’t just a boys’ club. This multi-gender, multi-talented, multi-coloured troupe encapsulates the best of cabaret, dance, circus and music in an award-winning show that’s simply delicious.

Assembly Roxy, 1-26 August (not 8, 14, 21), 9.40pm, from £13

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Yana Alana: Between the cracks

On stage in a costume of blue paint and some scattered gems, Yana Alana may be exposed, but performer Sarah Ward is always in control. Prepare for diva tantrums, progressive politics, and fearless subversion – all presented with a voice you’ll never forget.

Assembly Checkpoint, 2-26 August (not 8, 13, 20), 8pm, from  £12

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Hot Brown Honey

The Honeys are back and dancing ever closer to world domination. Be inspired and let them change your world. Whether it’s circus, aerial work or song, their message won’t be silenced: fight the power, support women, decolonise and moisturise.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 1-27 Aug (not 2, 8, 23), 7.30pm, from £15.50

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Le Gateau Chocolat: Icons

Icons from Whitney Houston to Pavarotti get the cabaret treatment courtesy of the rich baritone of Le Gateau Chocolat, an icon in his own right.

Assembly George Square Gardens, 2-26 August (not 13, 20), 7.30pm, from £13

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Little Death Club

Debauchery, decadence, and devilish darkness take hold at Little Death Club, hosted by the inimitable Bernie Dieter of La Clique fame. Expect gender bending, surprise performances, and burlesque like no other in this utterly modern, utterly unique take on Weimar kabarett.

Underbelly’s Circus Hub, 3-25 August  (not 13), 8pm, from £12.50

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