The stage is set and appears almost unassuming, dressed with just a microphone, a table with flyers on it and a small silver bucket. Nothing out of the ordinary for a Fringe show. Then you notice a sheet of tarpaulin on the floor. This show doesn’t come with a splash warning but it probably should. Don’t sit in the front row.

Chaos and Order is David Correos and Matt Stellingwerf’s Edinburgh debut and they are here to supply festival goers with a show of two distinct halves. Stellingwerf opens the show with a calm and inoffensive stand-up act. With some amusing observations and a bit of the usual audience interaction – ‘what’s your name and where do you come from?’ – Stellingwerf almost works as a warm-up act, securing a few laughs before Correos takes to the stage with brash absurdity. Correos will almost instantly explain the need for the sheet on the floor as he regales his audience with tales of his heritage whilst he strips off, lubes up and screams at his audience. Giving this man a microphone is unnecessary.

Chaos and Order will provide you with a chuckle or two, but this is not a polished act. Correos’ half of the show overpowers Stellingwerf’s, which is a shame as I can’t help but feel that Stellingwerf has a lot more to offer than this show allows. Likely these comedians will leave you confused, disorientated and wondering what just happened, but despite the sheer nonsense, the show – particularly the second half – still has a charm to it and it does offer up a few good laughs. Chaos and Order will not appeal to everyone, or even to the many, but it is memorable.

Words: Ryan Johnson

David Correos & Matt Stellingwerf: Chaos and Order, Gilded Balloon Teviot, Aug 2-28, 7pm

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