Sewing? Sewing? I have always thought of you as a masturbation-and- Ginger-Girl-Power sort of a comic…

Hahaha! Yes, well, much as I have previously enjoyed myself, this is something that fascinates and frustrates me in equal measure – the sewing, I mean, not the masturbation. I’m still very much a Ginger Power person and my approach to my new umbrella topic is no less fierce. I’m still developing as a comedian, working out how I can be the most distilled and potent version of myself onstage, and this is the next step. My work has a lot of autobiographical elements to it, so as I experience new things, my set develops – I won’t say ‘matures’, because I’m getting sillier in my own mind, and I’m not a cheese.

Marriage and instant family… Have you considered your life might be over?

Really!?! I consider it to be on an exciting new platform, that’s for damn sure. The solid foundation of having someone who loves me for all my good bits and rough bits (now with four, there’s sometimes a queue for the bathroom) is an exciting time. That kind of security makes me feel more fearless in my work and partially in my life, though I suffer from deep paranoia that something will happen, that I can’t be this lucky. I’m happy I’ve chosen an artistic career, and all the happiness and anxiety can be channelled through that (thank goodness I didn’t choose taxidermy).

It seems like only It seems like only yesterday you were a newbie and Chortle’s Best Newcomer. Do you feel different now?

Very different. In November, it’s my stand-up birthday. I’m just like the Queen, you see. It’ll be ten years, so I’ll get something in tin. I’ve been performing in different countries, different situations, written four more Edinburgh shows (five if you include the one I wrote for Nancy Dell’Olio). I feel really privileged that I won that award.

Do you long for the carefree, rude young girl you once were?

I really love the place and time I’m in at the moment. As my work goes on, some people will drift away and say they prefer my earlier work, but some people will absolutely love the new stuff, and hopefully most will just enjoy the ride.

And to this year’s new rude young girls, what would you say?

Have fun, babes.

Words: Kate Copstick

Diane Spencer: Seamless Gilded Balloon Teviot, 3–29 August (not 15), 5.45pm

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