An interactive, family show set in a boxing ring, Dick V Dom is the Fringe debut for quadruple BAFTA winners Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood AKA Dick and Dom. 

Working together for more than twenty years, Dick and Dom’s anarchic silliness – especially on their CBBC show Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow – has won them a fanbase which stretches from school kids to parents who themselves grew up with the pair. Given the adversarial nature of their Fringe show, Dick V Dom, we tried to get them to indulge in some pre-match needle.

You have worked together for longer than many marriages. What’s the secret?

Dick: We were best friends before we became Dick and Dom.
Since then, we have remained friends first. Business comes second. If you don’t have that friendship then the brand will collapse.

Dom: Absolutely. Audiences can tell when presenters are forced into looking as though they like one another. When anyone has a genuine synergy, the friendship shines through. It’s key to what we do.

There must be some things you don’t see eye to eye on?

Dom: Rich has a penchant for over-ripe bananas in the car. The overload of potassium in the air makes me sick. That is as large as our differences get. In fact, it’s the only thing that stops ‘Dick and Dom’ from being the new Ant ‘n’ Dec.

Dick and Dom

In 2005, questions were asked in the House of Commons about the suitability of your show for children. Best publicity ever?

Dick: An MP decided that he didn’t like the program; stopped his daughter from watching it and brought up the show in the House of Commons. You can’t get better publicity than that. There have only been two children’s shows mentioned in the House of Commons: Blue Peter and Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow. Both for very different reasons.

Dom: It was an indication of the success of the program. We couldn’t have asked
for more.

Dom, you have kids. Do they watch your shows?

Dom: They occasionally watch some of the newer stuff and…

Dick butts in: One of his kids came up on the stage last night and stole the show. He came out on stage, looked at me and said, “Which one are you? Ant or Dec?”

Dom: He got the biggest laugh.

Do we need to stop being silly as we get older?

Dick: No, everyone’s a bit of a big kid at heart. We’re still quite young at heart although we are in our forties now. The silliness is the basis of our act. It’s what people like.

Dom:  I don’t think so. In fact, there is something wonderfully amusing about old people misbehaving. Perhaps our second brush with fame might come when we look like two old men.

Your show involves splitting the audiences into The Dicks and The Doms for eight rounds of games in a boxing ring. Let’s hear your best pre-match trash talk.

Dick: Dom is too small to win. He is only the height of a child.

Dom: Rich has a big nose. That’s proper fighting talk.


Dick and Dom:  Dick V Dom, Underbelly McEwan Hall, 1-12 August, 1pm, from £9 

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