Assembly @ Assembly Hall
6-31 August, 17.25

Djupid (The Deep) imageTransfixing in its ring of truth and through the stellar performance of solo actor Liam Brennan, Djupid (The Deep) is breathtaking, life-affirming theatre.

This tale of a tough but shy fisherman’s encounter with death aboard a 300-ton trawler is filled with raw emotional experience, yet shot through with down-to-earth gallows humour.

Translated from Jon Atli Jonasson’s Icelandic original, this version is in a broad Scots dialect (to which the ear soon adjusts), plunging the audience into the fisherman’s world.

Effortlessly flitting between the trivial and the profound, the lyrical prose – “300 tons of battered steel slinks, curtseys, into the water”; “a galaxy of light on the shore; my village, my world” –  vividly evokes  a contrastingly austere environment. Seeing past the gruff, no-nonsense interactions and expressions, the audience is privy to the simple, tender dreams of this “big an’ broa’” man.

Brennan’s portrayal has huge matter-of-fact charm, and character is sustained flawlessly as we hear this compellingly convincing, never mawkish, often humorous, progress of a man’s thoughts as he faces a probable icy death.

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