Gilded Balloon
5-31 August, 17.15

Durang DurangDespite a cast of strong actors, and a script by one of the America’s funniest playwrights, this revival of three short plays from Christopher Durang’s collection ‘Durang Durang’ fails to take flight, and leaves a clearly expectant audience a little disappointed.

The first two pieces have some really brilliant comic moments, but somehow they are lost in a production which fails to deliver. Something about the pace and timing is lacking, and great lines come and go without landing the big laughs they deserve.

The third piece is thoroughly odd, and so dark in its humour (incest is always hard to sell as a gag) that the audience don’t respond warmly. There are many other shorts in ‘Durang Durang’ that would have gone down much more easily with a Fringe audience, and the company aren’t making it easy for themselves with the one they picked.

Unlike many comic playwrights, Durang’s plays actually read incredibly well in print, and unfortunately in this case I’d recommend buying a book of his work rather than getting a ticket for this show.

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