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7-31 August, 11.00

fairy liquid and the burst bubbleJames Soper, the man behind Fairy Liquid and the Burst Bubble, has had an unusual career path.  He started out as a circus performer in his early days, before becoming a scientist, and then finally a teacher.  Ingeniously, he has decided to merge his diverse talents to create a show that entertains as well as educates his young audience.

Of course, countless trendy teachers before him have attempted to sweeten up the curriculum in a bid to make the educative medicine go down, but this show actually succeeds in carrying it off.

With some giant bubble blowing that sent all the children into raptures, Soper cleverly explained the different properties of solids, liquids and gases.  From there, he moved onto teach his audience all about the concepts of magnetism, gravity and air flow, illustrating his points with a number of enjoyable and illuminating demonstrations.  Some impressive (and at one stage simultaneous) juggling and unicycling also played a part in his performance, although admittedly with less direct relevance to science. It certainly kept the children interested though.

The only slight problem with this show is that it is aimed towards two or three different age groups.  This is because it is primarily intended to be a showcase for Soper’s commendable business, www.ScienceShowsForSchools.com, which would normally separate the shows that are combined here, when performing them at schools around the country.

Soper is a talented showman as well as an able science teacher, so I would highly recommend this show to any parents with young children.  I would also urge teachers to go and see it, with a view to booking him for their own schools.  There are not many people out there who can actually make science this fun.

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