We chat to our Festival Favourite Circa ahead of this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Can you give me Wolfgang in a nutshell?

Circa: Wolfgang is a new circus creation for children using the music of Mozart with acrobatics, slapstick, clowning and theatrical magic. 

Is entertaining children with Mozart a risk? Or is that underestimating both children and the music of Mozart?

It’s always risky creating a new work and this one is no different, but the music in the show has an energy and vivacity that is charming and delightful. Finding ways for our physical languages to engage with the music has been one of the wonderful challenges of the creation.

They say never work with kids or animals but Wolfgang has some audience participation?

Yes, there is a scene where Wolfgang gets a little too fussy and needs a replacement! In terms of behaviour, acrobats have always got a bit of animal in them but our young audiences have been delightful.

Is this going to be a more intimate show than some of the large scale Circa extravaganzas we have seen at the Fringe?

This show is very different to our previous work. It’s very intimate in some ways, as well as playful, funny and delightful. 


Circa: Wolfgang, Underbelly’s Circus Hub, 4-25 (not 8, 13, 20), 2pm, from £14 

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