We chat to our Festival Favourite Lou Sanders ahead of her performance at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Your bios all say ‘writer, stand-up comic, actress’. Is that the order in which you see yourself?

Lou Sanders: Well I spend a lot more time eating than I do acting, but I guess that doesn’t look as good on the CV.

Do you find the three disciplines feed off each other?

Yes, for sure. You have to be good at writing, as it’s half the job with stand up. The writing is something that I’ve really had to work hard on as it didn’t come easily at first, but I really love it now. We all want instant results, but there’s something quite satisfying about grafting and seeing the progress.

Do you ever get a little twinge when someone else gets a huge laugh with a line you wrote?

Nah, I feel pride. Validated, like it’s a win for the team. Unless it’s very much in my voice and not theirs, then I feel a tiny twinge. But I still feel pleased that I got something in that went well. You have to remind yourself that creativity is endless, otherwise you’re acting from fear which is the enemy of creativity.

You’ve been open about your sobriety, but the Fringe is a boozy environment. Does it ever get hard to stick to your guns?

Whenever I feel slightly tempted I just think of all the hideous things I’ve done when I’m drunk and the pang goes away quite quickly. I just fast forward the night and think, ‘nah, I’m good.’ Then I eat instead.

Finally – what gives with the piggy?

I just wanted to meet a pig. Pure and simple. Me and some quality pig time.

No – I called the show various things in previews including An Apology to All the Guys I’ve Touched, just as a nod  to the fact I can be a creep too. But then, Shame Pig was snappier so I chose that. Then I thought, ‘well, you gotta have a pig.’ On that note, a big shout out to Kew Little Pigs who were great and treat their pigs very nicely.


Lou Sanders: Shame Pig, Monkey Barrel Comedy Club, 2-26 August (not 15), 12.30pm

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  1. Orby

    Love Lou – she’s a great Fringe act. Love her “Fishing for Compliments” song!! Hope to see her this Fringe.


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