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Festival Favourites: Reginald D Hunter

We chat to our Festival Favourite Reginald D Hunter ahead of his performance at this year’s Fringe.

This is your 20th year at the Festival –  do you have a favourite Fringe?

Is there more than one? I thought it was just one long Fringe! I guess my favourite has to be my first proper Fringe in 2002. I had a futon in a small room in Leith with a married couple – boy, were they surprised to find out I was living there!

You are/were an actor too – do you think all stand-up is really acting?

I tell you what…when I’m doing stand up comedy I never think of acting and when I’m acting I never think of stand up comedy but they must overlap somewhere because they are both in me.

Is this how you thought things would pan out when you left the land of rednecks and terrible coffee?

Yes, things turned out exactly as I thought they would. No personal hiccups, no grief, no let downs, no heart ache. Just straight to the top as I expected. The only thing that remains to be done is to be made mayor of Britain!

So many shows now have a director. Do you feel responsible for starting the trend?

I never considered being responsible for that trend until I was asked this question. For those people who thrive better on collaboration it can be an ideal situation but it’s not necessary for everybody. I mean, until someone gets a BAFTA for best stand-up comedy directing they should probably continue to receive the lack of respect that is mildly sprinkled in this question.

How different is Edinburgh Reg from Comedy Circuit Reg?

Edinburgh Reg has a narrative arc point.Comedy circuit Reg just has a nap. A great Edinburgh makes you a demon dog on the circuit.


Reginald D Hunter: An American Facing the Beast and Niggas, Pleasance at EICC, 1-26 August (not 8, 14, 20), 8.30pm, from £9

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