Nirpal Bhogal’s FirstBorn is the haunting tale of two parents in their attempt to shield their six-year-old daughter Thea from terrifying supernatural forces. Thea is a beacon for the other worldly entities that terrorise her family, prompting them to seek help from occult specialist Elizabeth (Eileen Davies).

What begins as an interesting and chilling concept doesn’t seem to pick up pace throughout, making the film dull and unexceptional. Supernatural thrills are few and far between and, when they do appear, are glossed over in favour of layers of parental drama that spoon-feeds relationships to the audience.

Despite this, scenes of real terror and unease do appear eventually, immediately gripping you back into the film and waiting for more. FirstBorn relies on many horror clichés; from flying furniture, to ‘it’s behind you’, but the second half departs from domestic drama and brings truly gruesome and chilling scares.

A film in two halves; FirstBorn is not for the impatient but tells an interesting tale and has its fair share of horrifying moments.

Nastassia Sutherland

Sun 19 June, 8.40pm, Cineworld

Mon 20 June, 11.30pm, Filmhouse 1

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