Pleasance Courtyard
7-31 August, 15.45

FlandersIt was a surprisingly hot afternoon. People shuffled around the Pleasance Courtyard like cattle and were then herded into the musty Cabaret Bar, which offered no coolness in the shade. The decision (made by an astounding three people on the back row), on this sticky day, to remove sweaty shoes and perch feet on stools was the only cause for complaint I found during an hour listening to Flanders and Swann.

They probably could have composed a song about all this flagrant foot flaunting- something for next year, perhaps?

This show is one of those ‘does what it says on the tin’ affairs. Arriving after three sell out tours, Tim FitzHigham and Alex Silverman treated a packed room to sixty minutes’ worth of Flanders and Swann favourites, sung with skill, gusto, and lots of eyebrow waggling! Olympic standard vocal, and facial, gymnastics entertained the crowd as much as the witty word play of Flanders and Swann, and none more so than the finale everyone has been waiting for: The Hippopotamus Song.

Flanders and Swann would have been proud of their disciples: they certainly had a rather flustered crowd eating out the palms of their hands like tame gnus. Sorry.

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